A Little About Our Business

It is our mission to share our knowledge and educate every woman who enters our store with the knowledge and power to find proper fitting bras and undergarments. Lingerie and bras are such a personal item and we know it, so please allow our staff to share our knowledge by stopping by today!

We Know Bras!

Our highly trained professional bra fitters specialize in making you feel comfortable, while providing you with the knowledge to go out into the world and find a proper fitting bra anywhere.

We carry bras in band sizes from a 28″ to 56″ and cups starting at an A up to a UK size K+.  A K cup is a 15″ difference between your band and fullest part of your breasts. It is also the largest commercially made cup available. We currently have over 175 different sizes in stock on our sales floor.

You don’t need an appointment, unless you want to shop Sunday or Monday. Please allow yourself about 20-30 minutes to be properly fitted. Fitters are available until 6:30p during normal shopping days. Please show up freshly showered and in your best fitting bra so that we can make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Be prepared to be educated. We want you to know what to look for in a proper fitting bra and know where to find one, even if it’s not from us.